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"Panita provided a fantastic wedding rehearsal dinner for approximately 100 guests. This event had a lot of challenges, including difficult weather conditions and a large breadth of dietary restrictions and preferences. Despite that, Panita's catering stole the show -- months later, guests still mention how delicious the food was. Furthermore, Panita and her staff were flawlessly organized, adaptive, and responsive. We would look forward to working with Panita in the future, and we would highly recommend her catering."

- Ethan Arsht, Park City, Utah

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"Panita and her servers exceeded our expectations;  not only was the food extraordinary, the presentation and service was exceptional!  Despite the challenges of celebrating a birthday and 30 years of marriage amidst a pandemic, no detail was overlooked and the evening was a much needed respite.  We can not thank Panita and her staff enough for taking the stress out of entertaining and delivering a wonderful culinary experience!  We will ask her to work with us again, and I highly recommend Panita for a unique and polished evening!"

- Christina Zavell, Park City, UT

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"We were fortunate to attend one of White Truffle's private cooking classes in Park City, UT. Panita has a talent for making Thai cooking accessible and fun no matter what the guest's culinary background is. It was clear that she and her staff had thought through every detail to ensure a flawlessly timed and executed meal while creating a relaxed environment that allowed our host and her guests to fully enjoy the experience. We had a blast cooking a delicious multi-course meal with Panita and we were pleasantly surprised by how good our food tasted when we re-created one of the dishes the following week. We would highly recommend working with Panita and her team!"

-Lauren & Courtney, Washington, DC

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"Panita is your best secret weapon for a successful party.  She helped with a holiday party and everything just went right without a hitch.  My guests loved both the food and it's presentation.  Afterward even all the dishes were done and I could relax!  If you want to enjoy your guests and not worry at all about details, try White Truffle."

- Roxane Googin, Park City, UT


"Panita and her team went out of their way to make my small wedding as special as possible. In the planning phase, she made sure that every detail was accounted for and that we were happy with the vision and menu.
On the day of, her team was kind, attentive, and warm infusing the evening with special touches (like custom printed menus and a beautifully adorned wedding cake). Starting with champagne and appetizers and moving on to a four course sit down dinner for 9, we were stuffed! The food was excellent and the team handled everything with ease.
My family truly cannot recommend Panita highly enough, she is wonderful and her range is amazing from casual family cooking classes to fine dining catering. We will go back to her for years to come. Thank you, Panita!"

- The Rosenbaum Family, Park City, UT

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"Panita did a private cooking class and a dinner party for twelve at my home and it was so much more educational and delicious than I could have imagined.  She didn’t just show us how to use the ingredients and follow a recipe, she also showed us how to taste the food for the four flavors, Sweet, Salty, Sour and Spicy and how to adjust each dish for balanced flavors.  She brought everything and left the kitchen sparkling. I can’t wait to learn more recipes and how to use more Thai ingredients! I will definitely do more classes with Panita and use her catering for my party."

- Lauren Grossman Vitulli, Park City, UT

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“I had the opportunity to attend one of Panita's cooking class. I learned a lot about Thai cooking. She uses only the freshest ingredients and everything she made was delicious!  I asked her to cook for two parties that I had at my house. She was a hit with everyone!  If you love Thai cuisine, you can't go wrong attending one of Panita's cooking classes. You will love her!”

- Tara Dolister, FL

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“We've known Panita for several years. We have enjoyed many of her meals. They have all been very delicious with a beautiful presentation.  Panita, herself, is very fun to be around and has a wonderful sense of humor.”

- The Fichter Family, Park City, UT

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"Panita blends her grace and sense of humor with traditional Thai recipes and fresh ingredients. Our whole family (a chef included) loved her food. The results will have you second guessing whether to eat out at your favorite restaurant anytime soon."

- Mark & Alison Harrington, Park City, UT

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“Panita taught me how to cook a delicious meal, and I hardly have any cooking experience!  She took me through the process step by step and thoroughly explained to me everything I needed to know.  She also gave me some background information and history of the ingredients which was fun to learn. The meal was excellent.  Two weeks later I prepared the meal for my family and they loved it.
While cooking the meal myself, I realized I skipped a step.
I called Panita and she answered my question right away and got me back on track!  My experience with Panita was excellent.  We had a lot fun, and I would love to cook with her again.”        

- Jeff Bauer, Park City, UT

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"We have enjoyed Panita’s private cooking classes for the past few years. She comes fully prepared with all the ingredients and every gadget needed to make the most delicious Thai food ever. She always brings a few surprises as well. Panita makes cooking Thai food so much fun. She teaches us great tips and tricks and shares all of her favorite products to make our attempts more successful when we try on our own. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about Thai cooking.”

- Jackie & Barry, San Diego, CA

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